Mission Statement

"Loving to learn and learning to love"

Assumption Jr/Sr High School is a faith-based family committed to academic excellence and citizenship within a mutually respectful environment.

The primary purpose of Assumption School is to:

  1. Develop the whole child - spiritually, academically, emotionally, physically, and socially and ensure each individual identity is maintained.
  2. Provide high quality teaching and learning opportunities within a safe and caring environment.
  3. Develop responsible and contributing citizens who are moral, caring as well as spiritually and socially aware.
  4. Develop the skills, knowledge, and values our students need to succeed.  These attributes include, but are not limited to: self-discipline, teamwork, self-control, coping skills, respectfulness, responsibility and creative thinking.
  5. Develop lifelong learners who are independent and critical thinkers who are prepared to face the future.
  6. Develop a rich faith community within our school.
  7. Create a learning community where "everyone loves to learn and learns to love".


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