Quick Facts

Quick Facts about the School:

  • Approximately 500 students.
  • 27 teaching staff and 13 support staff.
  • Full academic program offering courses for the University preparation sequence, college and trade school sequence, and high school completion sequence.
  • Two programs are offered: English and French Immersion.
  • Students can also choose to take the French as a Second Language option.
  • Religion courses are mandatory at every grade level.
  • Full athletic program offering grade 7/8 teams, grade 9/10 teams and grade 10/11/12 teams.
  • Leadership opportunities available in many facets including through students' union and youth liturgical leadership (YLL)
  • solid fine arts program including: art class which provides training in several mediums, school band at all grade levels, with the possibility of jazz band if there is enough interest, drama class, and the potential of a drama/musical production.
  • Extensive CTS opportunities including: Communication Technology, Industrial Arts, Foods, Sport Medicine, Early Learning and Childhood Care, and Medical Sciences Technology.
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