Athletics Policy



  • 60% or higher
  • Cleared to participate in all games and practices.


  • 50%-60%
  • Probationary
  • Discretion of the teacher and coach
  • may be required to miss a game/tournament until caught up.


  • Under 50%
  • Must arrange for extra help with teacher during games and practices until mark is brought up to orange or green level.
  • Player is not eligible for any play.



Skipped Class:

  • Suspension from game or tournament

Excused Absences

  • If students have missing assignments due to any absence, they may be ineligible to play until caught up.
  • See academics

Coaches will have access to players' marks and attendance and may check their progress at any time.




  • Anyone suspected of engaging in any form of initiation or hazing activities will be immediately removed from the team and will face any other discipline that school administration deems necessary (e.g. Suspension)

Player Conduct:

  • Any participation in practices, games or tournament play is considered an extension of the school day.  Any activities not permitted in school will not be tolerated during the aforementioned times.
  • These types of activities include:
    • use of tobacco, alcohol, or illegal drugs
    • swearing
    • fighting
    • unsportsmenlike conduct
    • not following coach/supervisor instructions
  • Players that engage in these activities will be removed from the team and referred to administration for further consequences. (e.g. suspension from all extra-curricular activities for the year)



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