Cell Phone Policy

At Assumption Jr/Sr High School we recognize advances in technology are inevitable and cell phones make student/parent contact much easier. Students will be allowed to have a cell phone at school, but may not bring them into their classroom. This includes having the phone in class with the ringer off, using the cell phone to check the time, using the cell phone as a calculator, or receiving or sending text messages in class.

Students are allowed their cell phones before classes start, on breaks and at lunch. During class time they are to put their cell phones away in their lockers. Students are not to bring cell phones into the classroom – NO EXCEPTIONS!

Any student who is caught with their cell phone during class time will have their cell phone confiscated until the end of the day for a first offence. They may then pick their cell phone up from the office at 3:20 pm.

For a second offence, students are required to have a parent come and pick up their cell phone for them. Phone calls from parents saying it is ok to give the child back their cell phone will not be accepted. A parent must come in and pick up the cell phone on their child’s behalf.

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