Student's Dress Code

Students have the right to wear clothes appropriate for a school environment. Students are responsible for ensuring the clothes they wear do not offend anyone, and that they meet acceptable standards of propriety, safety, health, modesty, and good taste. Students should choose to wear clothes which do not draw undue attention to the wearer and which are free from inappropriate language or pictures.

  • Shall not wear t-shirts with alcohol or illicit drug advertising on them
  • Shall not wear hats inside school
  • Shall not wear outdoor jackets in classrooms
  • Shall not wear pants with holes above the knees
  • Shall not wear spiked collars, bracelets, chains or any other paraphernalia which may constitute a threat to the safety of the wearer or other students
  • Shall not have bare feet – must wear shoes or sandals
  • Shall dress so that no midriffs are showing and shall not wear spaghetti string tank tops, tube tops or halter-tops
  • Shall not wear skirts or shorts shorter than mid thigh length
  • Shall not wear low-cut tops (front or back)
  • Shall not wear sheer fabrics
  • Shall not wear tops and pants which do not cover undergarments completely
  • Shall not wear articles of clothing displaying obscenities, racism, or statement demeaning to either sex

The school is a workplace and all students and staff must dress appropriately for the working environment. Any clothing that attracts undue attention may be deemed inappropriate. Students must dress with modesty at all times.

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